The RIMOWA Design Prize is a celebration of German design excellence through the empowerment of creative talents shaping the future. Founded on values of innovation, inclusivity, and global change, the prize is defining a new voice for the German design industry. The RIMOWA Design Prize is more than an incubator for aspirational ideas. It is an initiative that converts potential into tangible projects that have a lasting impact on global issues.


The second edition of the RIMOWA Design Prize will continue to address the ever-important topic of mobility. Mobility is underpinned by values of freedom and support, while acknowledging RIMOWA’s tenets of resilience, excellence and quality which assure that all designs are created to provide a fulfilling purpose. Capable of being interpreted and reconfigured in a seemingly endless number of ways, it is important to consider what mobility means to everyone, and not just those who are able.

Judging Criteria


Creativity is the foundation of good design. Prize participants must set a new standard for product design’s applications.


A fundamental element of the prize is that participants look outward and constantly address the global impact of their work.


Ingenuity is crucial to successful participation in the prize. Candidates are encouraged to innovate freely.


A core prize characteristic is its mission to support solutions that withstand the test of time and urge a lasting impact.

Prize Benefits

The prize gives students who advance into the first round the chance to benefit from a mentorship programme throughout the competition, spearheaded by a leading jury member. Alongside the mentorship programme, participants will also be offered various networking opportunities, a professional workplace to conduct their oeuvre, as well as infrastructural support to bring it all to life.

The RIMOWA Design Prize will celebrate seven finalists, who are selected by the jury, with a series of monetary awards. The winner will be awarded the sum of €20,000, the runner-up will be awarded a €10,000 prize package, while those in third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh place will receive a prize of €5,000 each.